Women are so good at talking about SO many things. Over brunch we can cover everything from sex to politics to religion to Housewives of Beverley Hills to white jeans in winter. But there’s one subject that we are completely avoiding. That subject is money


The problem is, we can’t afford to avoid it. That’s because as women, we’re kind of sucking at it. There is a wage gap that exists not simply in the corporate world but in the world of small and medium business owners where women should be on par with men. There is a gap between men and women that we’ve tossed in the too hard basket for the moment in our superannuation funds. And there’s a widening gap between those who own property and those who do not. 


And let’s not even talk about the role money and power holds in our society.


That’s why ladies I believe finance is a feminist issue. It’s time we started to uncensor money.


Here you'll find chats about money where we throw off the notion that money is crass or uncomfortable. It's all about becoming comfortable bringing money into our everyday conversations and through it, figuring out what our own money story is and whether we might want to change it.


Mel Advisor, Accountant and Author of Unf*ck your Finances

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