We are NOT your typical financial advisor. In fact, we used to be advisors but figured out the financial advice world is broken and there was more we could to do help outside of it than inside it.


Which is madness we know but stay with us.


That means what we do is different and we're not for everyone. What we do is offer strategic solutions for where you’re at instead of simply selling you product or insurance like a used car salesman. We want to financially empower you, educate you, hold you accountable, coach you and ultimately help you one on one if you need it. 


We do this through our online courses, our webinar series, our programs, our books and workbooks but also through one on one appointments. 

We've helped individuals make sense of where they're at and set up great financial systems, we've helped great strategic plans and helped you work out what you should be saving and spending, we've helped business owners with pricing strategies and mentored them to help them grow their business and so much more.  Sometimes providing accountability, wealth creation and even financial therapy. All the while keeping in mind that you want to live and enjoy now but not at the expense of your future self.

So where to next? Why not check out our online courses such as the Financial Adulting Plan where we teach you how to about financial awareness, investing, habits & help you create your own financial plan. Or if you just want to work one-on-one with us we do that in a limited capacity with our Money Barre Magic Strategic Plan or wealth coaching and accountability. 


Or if you're stuck, you might start with a 30 or 60 minute General Advice session at a cost of either $249 or $450


Empowerment, resilience, wellness – they’re terms we use a lot in our workplaces. They’re things we want for our businesses, for our people and for ourselves. So, we invest in leadership, coaching and health but we often miss the one thing that permeates all of this – our finances.

That’s because if we feel financially empowered, financially resilient and financially well we feel less stressed, less preoccupied and less devoid of choice. 

Research tells us when we’re in financial stress, we’re less smart and less creative. In 2011 Princeton University conducted a series of experiments and discovered that pressing financial concerns had an immediate impact on the ability of low-income individuals to perform on common cognitive and logic tests. On average, a person pre-occupied with money problems exhibited a drop in cognitive function, similar to a 13-point dip in IQ, or the loss of an entire night’s sleep. While a 2017 Bank of America Merrill Lynch study showed that 67% of millennials said financial stress overtook their ability to focus and be productive at work. This younger generation are spending an average of four hours a week at work focussing on their finances – twice that of Generation Xers and four times the amount of time as baby boomers. 

This means that while we might think financial stress is a personal problem that corporations don’t need to address – smart companies are recognising that it’s a productivity issue and a societal problem and are actively doing something about it.

Want to know more? Click below for how we might work with you to reduce the cognitive load and increase the financial wellness for your employees.