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What we know for sure (in the immortal words of Oprah) is that everyone’s financial situation is different which means we need to have a strategic solution for each of you. We also know that many of us arrive at a certain birthday and decide it’s time to sort ourselves out, financially at least. It might be
• A year after your first job and you want to set up great money habits from the get-go
• After a few pay rises – you’re not earning bad cash, you’re having a great time but you suspect you should be doing a bit more with your $$
• A decade after you’ve started working when you realise you have a nasty credit card balance and not a whole lot to show for it
• Just before you hit your forties when you’ve had a come-to-jesus moment where you realise you’ve been working for twenty years, you’ve had a great time but now it’s time to get serious about your money

Or perhaps you figure you should be doing more with your money but you’re not really sure where to start and you don’t have the time to dedicate to it.

That’s where we come in

We’re all about #raisingthefinancialbarre. We believe Millenials, Gen Y and Gen X have been largely ignored by the financial planning world. You don’t have the cash that make their nice, lazy trailing commissions worthwhile and you’re financial savvy enough to ask curious questions which make the average planner a little uncomfortable. You also suspect financial planners are over-priced, conservative, insurance salesman and you’re not sure how they can honestly help you.

We’re the unicorns of the financial planning world. We talk your language, we’re Gen X and Gen Y ourselves so we get you and we know what you want what you want what you really really want. Plus we’re so serious about ethical investing that we’ll refund any commission we receive straight back to you.

So take a look at our offerings below. The Mini Barre has been designed for Gen Y’s and the Millenials who need help, have a decent job but not a whole lot in terms of assets. The Full Barre is everything else we do. If you like what you see, then get in contact with us by email, phone, social media or text and we can catch up for a coffee, chai or wine to figure out what your next financial move might be.



If you've decided it's time to financially grow up, we'll work with you to become financially fit, strong and flexible.

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