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At The Money Barre we’re all about helping our members develop fitness, strength and flexibility. We want to help you design the life you want as well as helping you develop options for whoever you are and wherever you find yourself in life.

We know most of us develop a growing awareness when we start working that maybe we should do something about our finances. This is followed by a moment (which hopefully happens before we turn fifty!) that it’s time to ‘sort myself out’, financially speaking.

That’s your cue to meet us at The Money Barre.

You might want someone to work with you to get out of the mess you’ve found yourself in, help you understand how to best manage your money or develop a sophisticated financial strategy for you. What you don’t want is a cookie cutter solution or an insurance salesman. Instead you want someone who will understand where you are now, where you want to go, what your values are and who can help you become financially fit & strong so you have the flexibility to adapt to whatever life throws at you. With grace and ease.

So whether you’re single, DINK, a two parent family, a one parent family, a blended family, gay, straight or unsure – we want to help you move from being broke or complacent to being financially fabulous.

We know we’re not for everyone but if you love what you’ve seen so far then check out how to work with us or make an appointment. We are based in Sydney & the lower Blue Mountains but travel up and down the east coast including to Melbourne regularly and of course, there’s always Skype. We love technology so if you want to work with us, it doesn’t really matter if you live in Darlinghurst, the Dandenongs or Darwin. We make it work.

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