While we love Beyonce’s sentiment and we totally think we have the potential to run the world – we know that unless women become financially savvier it simply aint going to happen.

It’s not because women can’t be financially amazing. Instead, we think it’s because we’re kind of taught that nice girls don’t talk about money and they certainly don’t admit to wanting more of it. It’s just distasteful.

Or is it?

Once upon a time sex had an almighty ick factor. Again, nice girls couldn’t admit they wanted and they certainly couldn’t admit they enjoyed it. Yet Sex and the City, Cleo and dare we say it, 50 Shades of Grey showed us that we could talk about it over brunch after we’ve been enjoying it the night before. Or not. The choice was up to us.

So strangely now we’re OK talking about sexual positions before even one cocktail but we’re not OK talking about money.

We think that needs to change.

Ms Money Barre is all about empowering women to become financially strong, financially flexible and yes, we don’t mind saying financially powerful. Not so we can lord it over everyone else but so that we have options.

We’re all about erasing the damage that Disney has done by teaching us to hold out for a Prince Charming or a Fairy Godmother. Instead, we’re about inspiring women to put on your big girl pants and to financially grow up. To become the author of your own financial fairy tale. Tough words we know but they’re said with so much love, empathy and conviction because we want to see more women become financially savvy. And often it’s just a mindset change.

So whether you’ve contracted a sexually transmitted debt, you’re a shopaholic, you’re a female entrepreneur you’ve neglected your savings and your super, you’ve no clue what the story is with the finances in your family or if you don’t even know how much you earn – we’re here for you. We’ll help you design the life you want and help you develop a positive money mindset so you become the author of your own financial fairy tale.

So if you want to write a new financial story then join the Ms Money Barre community and let us help you work out how to Run Your World.


If you've decided it's time to financially grow up, we'll work with you to become financially fit, strong and flexible.

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